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Personalized investment management

Our strengths are found in our:


We have a well-balanced team of highly qualified investment counsellors, who have an average of over 30 years of investment experience. We have worked together with our knowledgeable support staff for many years and we all share a commitment to high standards.


We have extensive experience meeting our clients' investment objectives over numerous market cycles. We believe performance must be judged in relation to the risks that have been assumed. Before committing our clients' funds to any investments we carefully review the risks and assess the acceptability of potential returns.


Martin, Lucas & Seagram is committed to personalized service. All of our clients are unique and as such each portfolio is managed separately. We are small enough that each client can reach us personally and yet large enough to offer the depth of knowledge necessary to meet today's investment challenges.


Today, there are many firms offering investment advice. At Martin, Lucas & Seagram our independence enables us to provide objective and unbiased advice, which we believe is fundamental to our clients' well-being. We think this sets us apart from many others.