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Independent portfolio management


Our clients derive many benefits from our personalized investment counselling service. Perhaps most important is the peace of mind that comes from having an experienced and responsible team of professionals looking after their assets.

In today's uncertain environment it is reassuring to have a portfolio manager with extensive experience
meeting each clients' investment objectives during both good and bad economic times.

Part of our service involves designing a distinctive investment programme for each client based on a comprehensive
review of their individual needs and circumstances. Each client approves the overall strategy to be followed,
allowing us to implement this policy on their behalf.

At Martin, Lucas & Seagram we offer ongoing advice to our clients, which allows us to respond
to any changes in their investment objectives. This personalized service means each client
has direct contact with a principal of the firm. This ensures a continuous person-to-person
relationship which is so important in the investment management process.

Comprehensive written reports are prepared which summarize investment
performance and relate it to the appropriate market benchmarks. A breakdown
of the portfolio's assets is included, as well as other information that is helpful
for bookkeeping purposes. Our reports are easy to read and provide an update
of our investment thinking.

Our compensation is derived solely from direct fees charged to clients, and is
expressed as a percentage of the market value of the portfolio being managed.
We do not participate in commissions based on the number or value of transactions.
This leaves our objectives in complete harmony with our clients' goals.